New York City Studio

When Jeff was looking for a location for Voice Soaring Studios in New York City almost 19 years ago, he was referred to the Ripley Grier Studios. From the moment he walked into the facilities at 520 8th ave, the welcoming atmosphere immediately gave him the impression that this would be a great place for students to come for voice lessons. He has called RGS his studio home for Voice Soaring Studios ever since.

What to Expect

When you first step off the elevator at 520 8th ave on the 16th floor, you can't help but feel the energy and excitement that permeates the entire rehearsal complex, which covers several floors. Ripley Grier is now the largest rehearsal facility in the world and for good reason. The studio spaces are clean, comfortable, beautifully lit and acoustically sound, with well tuned pianos. The front desk staff is warm and friendly, and if you are hungry before or after your lesson, the café is chock full of delicious bakery and sandwich items and a vast array of drinks at affordable prices.   

How to Prepare

Before your lesson, select one or two songs to work on during your lesson. Be sure to bring two copies of the sheet music, one for you and one for Jeff. Make sure sheet music has chord progressions clearly printed above each line of music, as this makes sight reading easier for accompaniment. Jeff will accompany most songs on the piano. However, if a piece has an extremely challenging piano transcription, you may be asked to provide an accompaniment track for the lesson. You may bring this on your phone or tablet to be played through the studio sound system.

For singer/songwriters: If you are working on an original piece with guitar or piano, be sure to bring a lyric sheet, preferably with chord progressions for Jeff to view as you accompany yourself. 

For more information about how to prepare for voice lessons go to the What To Expect From Voice Lessons page.

Recording Your Lessons

Singers are encouraged to record their lessons. If you would like to record your lesson on the available Zoom H5 digital recorder please bring a 2 to 32 gig SD card to save your file. You may also record the lesson on your phone, but as the lesson is one hour in length, you will need to ensure to have plenty of free space on your device.

Where is Ripley Grier Studios?

The 520 8th Avenue location is between 36th and 37th streets in the heart of the fashion district. 

Other Offerings at Ripley Grier Studios

If you are looking to have a competitive edge in the entertainment industry, voice lessons are only one component of a performer's career path. Acting lessons and dance classes are a must for performers seeking a career on Broadway. At Ripley Grier you can easily find private or group acting classes and dance classes, as well as piano and guitar lessons. It is literally a one stop shop for all things entertainment related! 

Fro more information about Ripley Grier Studios, visit their website: For more information about how to prepare for voice lessons go to the What To Expect From Voice Lessons page.

Lesson Fee

Lesson fee includes studio rental fee at RGS. Payment is expected at the beginning of the lesson, via cash, check or credit card.

$140 per 1-Hour Session