Instructional Programs

Instructional programs from Voice Soaring Studios are available for streaming or download. Read the descriptions below to find the best program for your vocal needs.

Teaching the Contemporary Commercial Music Tenor

A BRAND NEW course designed to give tenors and voice teachers the necessary tools, concepts, and vocal exercises to build a powerful tenor voice geared towards a career in contemporary commercial music.


"From Voice Studio to Stage" Master Class


A vocal master class, co-taught by the master vocal coach of the Swedish-Italian vocal technique, Jeff Alani Stanfill, and Grammy and Dove Award-winning Gospel Tenor David Phelps. This intimate, exciting, and informative class filmed in Manhattan features participants who came from all around the U.S. and Canada to expand their knowledge of vocal technique and learn performance strategies from an internationally renowned artist and master vocal coach. 

This video highlights 3 of 8 singers from the genres of pop, rock, musical theater, R&B, and opera, who received coaching from David Phelps and Jeff Alani Stanfill. First, the featured singers vocalize and warm up under Jeff's guidance, using exercises from the Swedish Italian vocal technique, before they sing a song. After each singer performs their song, David coaches them on vocal technique, stage presence, and song interpretation.   

The video also features an exclusive peek into David Phelps’ vocal preparation! You will see David and Jeff work together, as David vocalizes in front of the class before singing one of his biggest hits. At the end of the video, you'll see an informative Q&A session, where Phelps answers questions regarding vocal longevity on the road and maintaining a successful career.


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"Let Your Voice Soar" Instructional Program

A customized vocal training program for Pop, rock, and Broadway singers by Jeff Alani Stanfill.

One of the best ways to learn singing techniques is by watching other singers. This download includes four demonstration lessons, as well as a vocal workout program with practice exercises for both male and female voices. The video features singers at different stages of vocal development as a way to demonstrate how the voice can grow over time.

This information-packed program carefully describes every aspect of each exercise and explains what it is designed to do for the voice.

Along with the instructional video is a 36-exercise vocal workout track (available under Bonus Features) to help you practice the exercises demonstrated in the video. The notation for each exercise will also be visually displayed as you follow along.

As you practice and master these exercises, you will find that your voice truly begins to soar!

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"Let Your Voice Soar" Audio Tracks

Access the "Let Your Voice Soar!" Vocal Workshouts on Spotify, or anywhere you get your music!!