In today’s ever-changing entertainment landscape, singing artists need to be savvier than ever when it comes to promoting themselves on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more.

Record labels have all but stopped signing unknown artists, no matter how talented they may be, unless they already have a following on social media. Even Broadway shows are seeking talent with a following on social media today.

Here at Voice Soaring Studios we recognize that our artists need direction and help from a trusted source to guide them through the steps necessary to become a viable artist, and possibly one who could land a recording contract with a major record label, book a lead role on Broadway or be a featured singer in a Las Vegas production!


New York/West Orange/Online

You’ve taken voice lessons. You’ve practiced. You’ve built up your resume. Let us help you take your next steps to become a working artist!

Every singing artist in the entertainment industry needs to know what is unique about their voice, what they have that makes them stand out in a very crowded industry, and how to be seen and heard in this new digital age. We have partnered with Constantine Rousouli (Titanique, Wicked, Hairspray, Mean Girls) to help you develop your brand and teach you to stand out in a very crowded industry.

Contact Constatine at:

[email protected]


North Jersey/New York

Have you written a great song? Have an awesome idea for a cover? Ready to lay down that track? We know the perfect studio!

Having a high quality, professional vocal recording is crucial in the day and age of the savvy listener.

We’ve partnered with a master recording engineer who knows the singing voice, uses the latest technology and equipment to capture stellar vocals, and can help to bring your vision of a great recording to fruition.


New York City/Los Angeles

Need headshots for auditions? Working on an album cover? Making a poster for an upcoming gig? We’ve got you covered for your photography needs!