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"I have seen the wonderful voice-structuring approach that Jeff Alani Stanfill teaches. He is a vocal instructor with a positive approach sharing a vast knowledge of the Old Swedish/Italian singing school. I would recommend Mr. Stanfill to anyone searching for their complete voice."

International Pedagogue/Author, voiceteacher.com



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Jeff is a wonderful voice teacher. I leave our singing lessons having worked hard but also having had fun because the atmosphere he creates is relaxed and filled with laughter. The vocal exercises we work on are challenging and effective, and Jeff is skilled at tailoring them for whatever vocal issues need to be addressed. I appreciate Jeff’s focus on achieving vocal ease throughout one’s range and maintaining vocal health. Jeff always gives a warm welcome when you enter the studio and it’s easy to discuss your vocal concerns with him. I’m very glad and grateful that I discovered him from his YouTube channel!`

— Debra Vogel, Soprano

From the very first lesson with Jeff, we realized that we had found the perfect partner to develop our daughter Cinya’s voice. What impresses us about Jeff firstly is his demeanor. He is gentle with our Cinya. He is genuine in his resolve to develop Cinya’s natural voice. To us this makes sense because for us the goal is to enhance her gift, not to change it. His concern about protecting her voice for longevity through his very careful series of exercises is also comforting and admirable. Cinya has been taking voice lessons with Jeff for about 6 months now and the difference in her voice is unbelievable. Her control, range and overall growth in such a short space of time is remarkable.

What’s most important to us is that Cinya loves to go to her lessons. She laughs and jokes with her teacher and somehow, Jeff manages to challenge Cinya in a fun and enjoyable way. We are very grateful to have found Jeff Stanfill.
— Mark Khan & Luz Resto, Parents of Student
I’ve been working with Jeff now for about a year. We started in January and it is October now. All of our lessons have been over Skype or Zoom. Jeff has been so great to work with. He is a good listener and understands so much about the human voice. As a tenor, he has helped me add at least 4 half steps to my range. So grateful to have Jeff as my coach. I would highly recommend him!
— Mark Johnson, Tenor
Jeff does a great job of explaining concepts and technique in my own language, which helps me improve my singing quickly and safely. In addition, he challenges me to become a better singer than I ever thought I could be.
— Brendon Fussnecker, Rock Vocalist/Song writer
Jeffrey Alani Stanfill is one of the most gifted voice teachers I have worked with! He truly understands the voice and knows, from first hand experiences as a performer and lifelong teacher, which exercises will work to overcome vocal problems and to increase range, flexibility, intonation, endurance, breath control placement and style. I always feel like a better singer and student of the voice and body after each lesson with Jeff!  My range grew working with him! He has a wonderful, important gift and is a wonderful guide and person!
— Quinn Lemley, BurlesqueToBroadway.com
Jeff Stanfill has an astonishing way of helping a vocalist reach his true and natural vocal potential. His technique is exactly what I needed to strengthen my chest voice and develop my head voice. I’ve always had a wide vocal range, but I never knew exactly how far I could stretch it or how to determine my voice type. I can proudly confirm today that I am a Mezzo-Soprano and it’s all thanks to Jeff!

He is the kindest, most patient I know and the one who is most committed towards the growth of his students. Working with Jeff over the last three years has helped my head voice reach soaring levels I didn’t even know existed. He not only provides his students with extensive knowledge on proper technique but at the end of your lesson, your voice is free, open and you feel so much more empowered! Jeff is a very gifted vocal coach who knows intuitively what his student is capable of on a profound level and he has the talent to bring that magic out of anyone!

I am blessed to have Jeff in my life as a wonderful friend and an inspiring teacher. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve or discover the true possibilities of their voice.
— Monica Sharma, Dance Recording Artist
Before I came to Jeff at Voice Soaring Studios, I had a very difficult journey as an operatic tenor and classical singer. But very quickly after starting lessons with Jeff, I felt a sense of hope and couldn’t believe the notes that I was hitting even after only a few lessons. My voice kept getting higher and higher and now I have a solid High C. And it just keeps getting better. My authentic sound is finally coming out.

Jeff patiently guides his students with a superb expertise of the voice along with incredible humor and wisdom. This indeed is a rare combination in today’s world.
I am so grateful that I found Jeff and Voice Soaring Studios.
— Jon M., Operatic Tenor
Jeff is a stellar vocal coach. His technique and coaching have helped me develop a healthy and strong singing voice. He is passionate about teaching and has deep knowledge and insights on vocal technique. He has been a fabulous mentor to me and a real inspiration.
— Anshul Mathur, Rock Vocalist
Jeff literally saved my voice. I had performed musical theater and sung in pop-punk bands throughout college with a rather abrasive vocal technique, until I no longer had any high notes, had difficulty controlling pitch, and couldn’t sing more than a couple of songs before I felt hoarse. After my first lesson with Jeff I was singing better than I had in my entire life. I knew I had found a voice coach who would not only get my voice back, but would help me go beyond the limits of what I thought my voice could do. Jeff’s studio is a comfortable, non-judgmental space, that is always filled with laughter, wisdom, encouragement, and more often than not a vocal revelation or two. Since beginning my study with Jeff I have been cast as the lead in the demo for a workshop musical, I’m singing repertoire I never thought I could before, and I have the confidence in my own ability to start teaching these vocal concepts myself. Jeff is an invaluable friend, mentor, and voice coach and I can not recommend him highly enough for anyone who is looking to find their voice, and to sing for life.
— Ryan DeRosa, Tenor
Drowning in vocal misdiagnosis and spiritually burnt out, I came to Jeff Alani Stanfill and Voice Soaring Studios like a shipwrecked sailor on a raft, crying out to be rescued. Through his precise coaching, Jeff has not only rediscovered my tenor voice, but he has released my true high tenor voice. We’ve been soaring into the stratosphere for almost a year now. He has, and continues to introduce me to the music and style that best fits me and my voice. Jeff teaches that it’s all in the minutiae! Each song has its own detail and feel. With Jeff I am becoming a true musician. More importantly, it’s the love for singing that Jeff has brought back into my heart, which I am truly grateful for. More than a great vocal coach, he is truly a wonderful and loving human being.
— Edwin DeVargas, Tenor
My new year’s resolution in 2011 was to start voice lessons and, a year later, I think it is what I want to do for a career. None of that would have been possible if it wasn’t for the nurturing support, positive encouragement and the incredible teachings of Jeff Stanfill. Every lesson he welcomes you with a smile, a funny story and a upbeat note to start your lesson and continues his wonderful attitude throughout. Jeff challenged me to do things in a year I didn’t think I would be able to do in 3 years, but I was able to do them with ease. His reassurance of my strengths helped me work through my weaknesses.

Jeff doesn’t teach how to sing, because anyone can open their mouth and sing, he teaches why we sing, what’s behind the voice and how to be a singer. He becomes more than a voice teacher, he becomes a partner in a team solving the mysteries of the vocal chords and discovering the joys of the voice. Jeff allows me to sing out in joy because I know that when he sings and teaches he is expressing that same joy.
— Hayley Swinburne, Singer/Ballerina/Model
Jeffery is wonderful!!! I have only had two lessons and I already feel and hear a difference in my voice. It is indeed soaring. He will get you to the next level!
— Jodie Bently, savvyactor.com
As a mature singer, I had been experiencing diminished range and flexibility of my voice, so I had been searching the web for some time for a voice teacher. I was delighted to find the voice studio of Jeffrey Stanfill over a year ago. I have been studying with Jeff ever since, and my voice is better now than it ever was, with a higher quality of resonance and clarity, as well as increased range and greater freedom. Jeff is a very talented diagnostician of vocal issues, and is able to convey the technical aspects of vocal pedagogy more clearly that my seven previous teachers! In addition to being an excellent, supportive teacher, Jeffrey is a warm and kind person, who will welcome you into his studio with hospitality and a great cup of tea! Thank you for being a wonderful mentor and friend!
— Ruth Ratliff, Dramatic Soprano/Voice Teacher/Author, jeminimusic.com
Jeff Alani Stanfill of Voice Soaring Studios has literally not only saved my voice but he has transformed it and by helping me to transform my voice he has quite literally changed my life as a “mature singer.”

Having taken a hiatus from singing and performing for about 15 years, I started back slowly only to be stopped by the perils of a vocal cord paresis caused by a virus which rendered me almost silent for months. After months of speech therapy and finding my way back to singing, I found that my old ways and habits of just singing scales were not useful nor healthy for me. I had to start over! I truly believe I found Jeff by divine intervention, having perused some YouTube instructional videos. I found his videos to be incredibly helpful and the concepts he introduced made absolute sense to me.
I then made the call for help!

I don’t write testimonials unless I truly believe in something or someone. This man and the concepts he introduced to me based on the Swedish-Italian school of singing have helped me attain a head voice I have NEVER had. My “mixed” voice is stronger and he explains everything so that you understand not just the “how’s” but also the “why’s”. I can now move freely from register to register and my range has increased exponentially! Thanks to him, I now understand the importance of breath in creating and maintaining sound. I am learning how to release the jaw and tongue, two of the biggest culprits that have caused me vocal issues in the past.

Jeff is a master diagnostician and as an incredible singer himself he easily understands vocal issues and finds the right tools to address those issues. I can’t say enough about Jeff and not only is he the MOST amazing teacher, he is a spectacular human being, incredibly kind, positive and SO supportive!

As a mature singer and singing better and in a more healthy way than ever before, I know I will be singing way into my “golden years”! Never Give Up! Are you thinking of giving it another go? Do yourself a favor and contact Jeff Alani Stanfill…He is a game changer! And I’m back in the game!

~Mary Beth Purdy (AEA)
National Tours, European Tours, Regional Theater, Cabaret 
— ~Mary Beth Purdy (AEA)