West Orange Studio

Voice lessons are available at our West Orange, New Jersey studio, conveniently located minutes from South Orange, Montclair, Livingston and other surrounding towns. The studio is comfortable, clean, well lit and quiet with ample parking in a residential neighborhood.

What to Expect

In-person lessons offer the easiest avenues for observation and communication of vocal concepts and exercises from teacher to student.

Upon arrival you will be greeted and offered a beverage before the lesson commences. A few minutes of conversation is always encouraged to discuss all things related to your voice or any exciting news you may have to share, such as an upcoming audition, landing a contract on Broadway, an upcoming performance, recording session or signing with an agent.

How to Prepare

Before your lesson, select one or two songs to work on during your lesson. Be sure to bring two copies of the sheet music, one for you and one for Jeff. Make sure sheet music has chord progressions clearly printed above each line of music, as this makes sight reading easier for accompaniment. Jeff will accompany most songs on the piano. However, if a piece has an extremely challenging piano transcription, you may be asked to provide an accompaniment track for the lesson. You may bring this on your phone or tablet to be played through the studio sound system.

For singer/songwriters: If you are working on an original piece with guitar or piano, be sure to bring a lyric sheet, preferably with chord progressions for Jeff to view as you accompany yourself.  

For more information about how to prepare for voice lessons go to the What To Expect From Voice Lessons page.

Recording Your Lessons

Singers are encouraged to record their lessons. We provide two options for recording, including a Roland CD recorder and and a Zoom H5 digital recorder. For the Roland you will need to bring a blank recordable CD, and for the Zoom, a 2 to 32 gig SD card to save your audio file. You may also record the lesson on your phone, but as the lesson is one hour in length, you will need to ensure to have plenty of free space on your device.

Lesson Fee

Payment is expected at the beginning of the lesson, via cash, check or credit card.

$125 per 1-Hour Session