Adele and the Stigma of Vocal Injury

Apr 04, 2023

Adele and the Stigma of Vocal Injury

Good morning all you beautiful singers/teachers of singing! It is going to be another hot summer day here in the northeast, and that's just how summer is supposed to be! I love it. Summer is my favorite time of year. You can have all the winters you want, but please don't take my summer away!

We started the summer off right by traveling to Puerto Rico a couple of weeks ago for a much needed 7 day/7 night vacation. I tell you those beaches, the palm trees, the food, the music and the lovely people of that gorgeous island are something I will remember, especially on cold days that will inevitably return later on this year. Puerto Rico is a magical place to be. I know there are many political problems and financial problems there, but for the most part the people of the island seem happy. Must be the weather!

Ok, I've talked enough about the weather and our P.R. trip. It's time to get to the business of singing.

I have resisted talking about Adele and her recent vocal injury mostly because it is a topic that seemingly every vocal coach has covered or commented on in a FaceBook post, a blog or even a youtube video. As a huge Adele fan I found most of the comments were less than kind, some downright mean and others seemingly from self-righteous sounding vocal pedagogues claiming he or she had the answers to all of Adele's problems. Dr Gupta writes about this in the article I am sharing here.

Personally I applaud Adele for being so open about her vocal challenges and not trying to hide it or cover it up. What happened to this great artist could happen to any professional singer who is out on the road night after night, sleeping in hotel rooms that thousands of other people have slept in, flying on planes that circulate dirty, filthy air, eating food from restaurants that may or may not be sanitary, doing interview after interview in every town they perform in, and trying desperately to maintain a level of singing that sounds exactly like the recording of the artist's latest or past hits.

I found this article by noted laryngologist Dr. Renee Gupta and wanted to share it as it truly shines a light on the stigma of vocal injury.


Adele and the Stigma of Vocal Injury | Los Angeles ENT Doctors ENT Specialists Top Surgeons

When I heard about Adele cancelling the last two performances of her tour, I felt profound sadness for her. I know how hard she has worked to endure injury,…


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